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Aitraaz Full Movie Download In Hindi Mp4 Carlcarr

The two fall in love, and Priya is hired as a legal intern at Sanjay's firm. Because Priya is a sexagenarian, she is forced to wear a sari. Everyone knows that Raj and Priya are getting married, but Raj's family is against this. Before the wedding day, there is a misunderstanding between Raj and Priya. Priya tries to take control of the situation and breaks up with Raj, but the latter comes back. After some misunderstandings, Priya becomes very lonely, and also furious about her fellow new interns. She takes up a female lawyer called Ravi on her wedding day to practice with her, and even lands a big client. The whole wedding party, including Raj, Ravi, and Priya, go for a pre-wedding photo shoot. Priya soon realizes that she has become Ravi's pet. As the women are preparing for the wedding, Raj's family comes to stay with him for a few days. Raj tells Priya to go and talk to his family, but Priya is initially too shy. After a few days, she makes up her mind and approaches Raj's mother. The next day, Raj's family leaves for their new home. On the wedding day, Raj and Priya get married. Priya's grandfather pours liquor on the wedding table and Raj gets angry. After that, a drama follows. Priya is finally dumped by Raj and she leaves for Mumbai, which makes Raj very sad. Priya meets Ravi's friend Manu, whom she gets really close to. After that, Ravi starts stalking Priya and tries to force Priya into his life. Priya goes to Mumbai to meet Raj, and comes to know that his family has moved. Priya goes to Raj's house, but Raj is actually Ram Chotrani. Raj explains all the misunderstandings and even expresses his love for her. Raj then takes Priya to meet his family, including his mom and dad, brother and sister. In the end, Priya finds happiness with Raj. At the end of the movie, Raj gets a huge sum of money from his family. Raj and Priya go to their new home and they live happily. Ravi follows Priya and Priya gets on his nerves. Cast Yashodhan Majumdar as Ram Chotrani / Raj Priya Bhattacharya as Priya Chawla Suman Banerjee as

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